Restaurant Pager and Calling System


We offer restaurant pager and calling system for every business.  When customers check-in let them know their table is ready without interrupting other guests. Simply hand your Guest a Restaurant Pager and allow them to wait in any waiting area, and then page them when their table is ready.

It will helps you to Reduce the crowds around the hostess stand. And Locate your guests quickly and immediately, whether your restaurant has a loud or quiet atmosphere. Unltd providing best and cheap cost restaurant pager in Qatar

restaurant pager and restaurant calling system in qatar
Restaurant Pager and Calling System
restaurant pager and calling systems
restaurant calling solutions in qatar

We work with big and small companies


When customers need an extra drink, the bill, or just have a question, they can use our waiter paging system. Each call button has key or keys which allow the customers to call the staff. When they press the key, it tells the staff they need something or have a question. The 4 keys call button can be customized.

Unltd provides restaurant Pager and Calling System in Qatar. Wireless calling system is widely used in the service area, it includes the call button for guests to use and the pager panel receiver for waiters to use. when the guest is in need, he or she just presses the button near him or her and the desk number will be displayed, the waiter gets the message and go to serve the customer.

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