POS Machines and Software

UNLTD Provides you devices that can accept omnichannel payments – bank cards, QR codes and e-wallets, and also apply for coupon redemption, online order receiving and loyalty programs, thus making your day -to-day business more efficient. The online and offline integration drives store owners to improve their operational efficiency and customer experience with solutions integrating various devices and smart systems.

Real-Time Device Status

Check your device status in real time
You can log in to our partner platform, and with network connected, view the statuses of all devices under your account, including online/offline status, basic hardware info, app installation, configured settings and data usage.

Unlike a simple cash register, a POS machine can handle transactions beyond cash and credit sales. POS machines can process check payments, discounts and special offers and other customer transactions. Depending on the setup you select and the nature of your business, a POS machine can also handle inventory adjustments, sales analysis and even office management.

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Point Of Sale Software in Qatar

Our software supports so many kind of Industries & Stores of Qatar& help them to manage their POS operation smoothly. We supplies for Retail POS, Restaurant POS, Disco and Night Clubs POS, Shoe Stores POS, Fashion Stores POS and many more industries of Qatar. Our POS Software has impressive tools to operate and control your business activities effectively.

Fully Customized with Full Installation Support- Best pos machine Supplier in Qatar

  • General Retailers POS System
  • POS software for Grocery Store
  • Super Stores POS Software Solution
  • POS System for Shopping Malls
  • Bakery & Pastry Shops POS software
  • Best POS Restaurants / Home Delivery / Pizza Shops
  • Cafe’s / Snack Bars / Tea Houses
  • Disco & Night Clubs
  • Chicken Roasters
  • Perfumery POS Software
  • Flower Shops POS System
  • Shoe Retail Stores POS
  • POS Software for Fashion Stores
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Everything you need for a complete Point of Sale System.

POS machine Supplier in Qatar

UNLTD Device has tremendous experience offering complete POS solutions to retail and hospitality customers. We provide the best technology solutions for a wide range of operations.

Whether you need to set up a complete POS system from scratch or you need to add peripherals and software to your basic system, we can help you find the right solution.

What We Offer

  • High-end Embedded POS
  • PC Based POS
  • POS System / Terminal / Solutions
  • EPOS System Board
  • Related Peripheral Devices
  • POS Software
  • POS Types for Retail POS, F&B POS etc.
  • OEM Products/Solutions & Services
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