How to Protect Your Security Cameras from Hackers

Protect Your Security Cameras from Hackers, security cameras

How to Protect Your Security Cameras from Hackers

Security cameras help you to monitor, or spot any unusual activities and keep yourself away from theft and crime.

However, a lack of proper know-how regarding their functioning can result in huge losses like identity theft, financial fraud and privacy loss.

Now you might get confused on why the security camera can turn out to be insecure!

The thieves can also easily turn off your burglar alarm or unlock your doors without your knowledge.

There are the best and secure businesses that provide CCTV and Surveillance in Qatar, to fight against these unfortunate situations.

How Can Hackers Access Your Security Cameras

Hackers and criminals get access to your security cameras in two possible ways:

  1. Local access, when the hacker is within the network range of your camera connection.
  2. Remote access, when the camera transfers the video access across the internet.

How Do You Know If You Are Hacked?

The following signs could mean that your security camera is probably hacked.

  • Strange noises from the camera or monitor.
  • Rotation of camera to an unusual position.
  • Password set to default or any change in security settings.
  • Random blinking LED light.
  • Sudden spikes in network traffic.

Ways to Protect Your Security Camera from Hackers

  1. Buy a Security camera from a reputed provider

Get the best authentic and advanced security camera from a trusted and reliable company.

This will let you get benefitted from the professional monitoring and advanced encryption features.

  1. Check for updates

Search for any updates pending in regular intervals.  If the updates don’t happen automatically, then do it manually.

  1. Check for encryption features

Use high-level encryption features and ensure that these methods offer you safe and secure operations.

  1. Keep a different network

You can have a network for your cameras and another network for your data.

In this way, you could be able to protect sensitive data, since the camera works with other networks.

  1. Enable cloud access functions

The devices, their control and the whole footage can be monitored with the help of low-risk cloud access functions.

  1. Use a VPN

With a remote VPN, you can connect the device to your network with encryption.

  1. Change passwords

Don’t use the same passwords for long.

Make strong, unique and not easy to guess passwords and ensure that they are modified over time.

  1. Don’t share passwords and usernames

Never share your password with others, be it friends or family members. Don’t let your password go into the wrong hands.

  1. Secure your network router

Make your network router safe and secure.

Also, install firewall and antivirus features to ensure protection.

  1. Have a two-factor authentication

Turn on the security feature, and also use the OTP for login.

The hackers find that access is blocked since they can’t get the OTP sent to your device.

Security cameras and the surveillance system have become very essential in this era, to track security and safety in homes, offices, shops, walkways and other places.

However, they are easily hacked, and the criminals get access to your whole surveillance system.

Make sure you choose the best and reliable security camera that can solve the major issues caused by the lack of effective surveillance.

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